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LOG-TECH Urządzenia dla Logistyki i Przemysłu Sp. z o.o. belongs to the leading European manufacturers that specialize in manufacturing of containers for special purposes and steel pallets for transport and storage of automotive parts, steel elements as well as containers and racks for semi-finished and finished products. High quality of our products is ensured by highly skilled workers, modern machinery park and our own design office. Clearly defined duties, market knowledge, treatment of the client’s needs with priority as well as high flexibility are the basic values that LOG-TECH Urządzenia dla Logistyki i Przemysłu aims for. Our greatest asset is a highly qualified staff that provides comprehensive customer service based on the know-how acquired for years. Most of our products are manufactured according to the client’s needs and based on the technical documentation or sample. Due to our longtime experience and the knowledge of our workers we are able to provide our clients with various options of the product to choose from. The proven structure and philosophy of the company made LOG-TECH Urządzenia dla Logistyki i Przemysłu the growing company that can be proud of a lot of satisfied clients across Europe. We believe that the future will bring us a fruitful relationship with an even wider circle of satisfied clients. We would like to invite you to cooperation.

Log-Tech is your reliable partner

We manufacture our load carriers and systems in over 200
qualifications Employees of three own production plants in Poland.

PL-56-500 Syców, ul. Strefowa 1
PL-56-500 Syców, ul. Daszyńskiego 25
PL-63-500 Ostrzeszów, Szklarka Myślniewska 4
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Log-Tech Urządzenia dla Logistyki i Przemysłu sp. z o.o.  -  ul. Strefowa 1  -  56-500 Syców  -  Tel. +48 62 785 87 09  -  Email: log-tech@log-tech.pl

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